No Surprises - Regina Spektor (covering Radiohead’s song)

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Zephyrus wooing Flora (detail) by Henrietta Rae


Zephyrus wooing Flora (detail) by Henrietta Rae

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Anonymous whispered, "Who are you going to the dance with Hannah?"

My best mate Ernie, most likely.

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Where is everyone?  


It’s like you’ve all disappeared. 

I’m here Susie!

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Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye

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There was a moment of hope, for Neville. He couldn’t quite explain it. When Hannah said that she had liked a boy and the boy was not Ernie, Neville sort of hope it was him. But he pushed the thought away immediately. It was such a foolish thing to think about - a foolish thought. There was no chance at all, in all of cosmos, that Hannah Abbott would like him. Him, of all people. How very simple minded of him to think that way.

“Oh,” he began. “You like someone?”

There was also a small part of him that was just utterly curious about all of this. If not Ernie, then, who?

He chuckled nervously upon the next thing she said because oh, if she only knew… They were in the same predicament but he said nothing further. He did not mention of his own woes of unrequited love. Instead, he said, “Why would you think that? I’m pretty sure loads of guys like you…”

Hannah ducked her head, feeling her characteristically awkward blush blossom pink in her cheeks. She tugged absent-mindedly at a loose strand of her honey-coloured curls, and kicked at a small stone on the ground. She just couldn’t tell him a lie, but she couldn’t tell him the truth either. She was stuck in limbo… so she decided to tell him a semi-lie, and a semi-truth. 

"I-I… really like this person. A lot. But I know, for a fact he doesn’t like me. He’s already asked my opinions on taking other girls to the Ball… so, obviously he doesn’t think about me as more than a friend. And I don’t want to say anything either, in case I ruin our friendship and everything." She paused, biting her lip and finally staring up into his eyes… trying to somehow relay her pleas for him to understand that she was yes, she was talking about him without openly saying so, “I can’t tell you who this boy is, exactly either…”

She blushed, this time with delight rather than embarrassment. Neville thought that loads of guys wanted to ask her out? Oh please. Though… why would he think that?! A bubbling sensation of hope originated somewhere in the pit of her stomach, “No… nobody like me. Loads of guys definitely don’t. They like pretty, interesting girls.” She gulped and then looked up at him again, “Why would you say that?”

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